Asking Questions Internally - Andrew Aylettv1.0.0, 2022:Help your colleagues to help you
Discover the best practices for asking effective questions internally. Learn how to get the people you work with to prioritize your request, and avoid wasting time and resources.?
Assessing the Ecological Impact: Scope Three Zero - Andrew Aylettv1.0, 2021:I want all my suppliers to tell me my scope three emissions are zero, please.
Learn about Scope Three emissions, their impact on the environment, and the importance of suppliers taking responsibility. Explore the Scope Three Zero Manifesto and Pledge for a more sustainable future.?
Document Expiry - Andrew Aylettv1.0, 2020:The world changes; is this still relevant?
Learn why it's important to understand whether online content is current or out-of-date, and how expiry dates can help with that.?
Driving With Snow Chains - Andrew Aylettv1.0, 2013:Useful if you need them
Andrew shares his experience using snow chains for the first time during a snowstorm. Read on to learn about his tips and tricks, and what to keep in mind when using snow chains.?
Draft: Nerds, Geeks, and Hipsters - Andrew Aylettv0.1, 2024:Attributes across two axes
Learn what Andrew thinks about Nerds, Geeks, and Hipsters. Once he's finished the article, that is.?
Privacy - Andrew Aylettv1.2, 2021:This is not a privacy policy
This website does not set any cookies or retain any logs, and aims to avoid processing any personal data to comply with GDPR. Hosted by Vercel, personal data is not collected for visitors to the site.?
Revisionism - Andrew Aylettv1.1, 2020:Or: why this website isn't a blog
Trying to avoid the pitfalls of traditional blogs, Andrew offers content that can be refreshed and updated over time.?
Smart Kid Belt - Andrew Aylettv1.0, 2020:Some thoughts on the "Smart Kid Belt"
Smart Kid Belt is a type-approved automotive child restraint system with a unique design that consists of a single strap to hold the shoulder belt down, but it does not fully comply with UN Regulation No. 44 requirements, according to some experts' opinions. Andrew wouldn't recommend using it.?
Some Thoughts? - Andrew Aylettv1.2, 2023:Worth whatever you paid for them.
In this article, Andrew introduces his new brief thoughts section and techniques for classification and metadata addition.?
Telephone "Security" Questions - Andrew Aylettv1.0, 2012:Who is this "security" for, anyway?
In this post, Andrew discusses why he is not a fan of answering security questions when receiving incoming call from a company, and how security should be designed to protect both parties.?
Why Christian Education? - James MacInnes2013:The choice for a Christian parent is between full-time or part-time Christian Education.
Every Christian parent wants to provide their child with the best education possible. But is it safe to put God in a box? Sending children to a non-Christian school can expose them to worldview conflicts and undermine the parents' God-given responsibility. Discover the importance of Christian education and how it can help children fulfill their potential while glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.?