Some Thoughts?

Worth whatever you paid for them.
Author: Andrew Aylett
Version: 1.2Status: activeLast Revised2023/04/06Expires: 2024/04/05
In this article, Andrew introduces his new brief thoughts section and techniques for classification and metadata addition.?

In a similar vein to Simon Wilison's TIL, I've decided to start trying to note some thoughts in shorter and less-well-formed form than my articles. They're also not attributed with the same revision/revised/expires metadata that my articles have -- they have a date attached, and that's it.

You may legitimately question whether "less well-formed" is even possible, but 🤷‍♂️. They're hopefully not going to be exclusively drawn from comments I've made on social media, but where they are, it's in the interests of pulling them out of a random thread and into something under my control.

I'm toying with using LLMs to help me classify and add metadata to thoughts. So if you think the titles and descriptions are a bit pretentious, or the tags (when they appear) a little OTT, blame my LLM editor. (Or actually, don't: I may have enlisted an LLM to help generate content, but I'm still responsible for the content I publish)