Or: why this website isn't a blog
Author: Andrew Aylett
Version: 1.1Status: activeLast Revised2020/09/13Expires: 2025/09/13
Trying to avoid the pitfalls of traditional blogs, Andrew offers content that can be refreshed and updated over time.?

This website is a collection of articles, not a blog. Why? Well, I've always struggled with a blog, as "starting again" after a break feels like it's going to need something decent to publish. Blog posts are also inherently bound to their posting date. While an article may well go out of date, it can be refreshed or expire. But the nature of a blog post is to assume that if it's old, it's not relevant any more.

So I intend to curate my collection of articles. I'm using Roam to draft and manage the content, copy-and-pasting versions as they are ready to go live. Each article has a link to its history in GitHub. Minor edits will get a minor version bump and no change to the date shown; major edits (especially if they change the conclusions of the article) get a major version bump and a date bump.

Now, since I only started writing versions today (at the time of writing, obviously), let's see how we get on with them :). I've already bumped this document to 1.1 with the addition of GitHub history links, click "Last Revised" in the header to see the history.