This is not a privacy policy
Author: Andrew Aylett
Version: 1.2Status: activeLast Revised2021/08/09Expires: 2025/08/09
This website does not set any cookies or retain any logs, and aims to avoid processing any personal data to comply with GDPR. Hosted by Vercel, personal data is not collected for visitors to the site.?

Per the subhead, this is not (really) a privacy policy. This site doesn't have a cookie banner, because it doesn't set any cookies. We don't have a log retention policy because I don't have any logs to retain.

My goal with this site, as it is with any professional work I do, is to avoid having to ask for any consent under the GDPR. The easiest way to achieve that is to not process any personal data; if I have to process personal data I'm going to try to keep it within the bounds of lawful bases that aren't consent. Obviously if that happens I'll be adding details as required.

The site is hosted by Vercel, and they see all the requests made. Additionally, I use to collect events. Neither provider collects personal data for visitors to the site.