Document Expiry

The world changes; is this still relevant?
Author: Andrew Aylett
Version: 1.0Status: activeLast Revised2020/09/13Expires: 2026/09/13
Learn why it's important to understand whether online content is current or out-of-date, and how expiry dates can help with that.?

Articles on this website have an expiry date. It's something you'll see more often in official archives, but I think it's a useful concept to apply more generally.

The idea of an expiry isn't necessarily to say that the document is useless after that date, nor that it will need to be changed. But that the author knows that the world changes around old documents: it's important to be able to tell if what you're looking at is considered "current" or if it's potentially out-of-date: either describing technologies you wouldn't use any more, opinions the author may have developed since, or generally a stale view of the world.

I'm expecting -- at least on this website -- that most of the articles will have long expiry dates and won't need major revision when reviewed. Time will tell. I'll revise this document if and when it's necessary