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Always applying the Gradle Enterprise plugin

Learn how to configure the Gradle Enterprise plugin in an init script to avoid committing agreement to the terms of service into published projects.?

Targeting LLM-Generated Text: An Analogy

In this response on Hacker News, Andrew draws on a driving analogy to explain why it's easier to specifically target LLM-generated text, rather than simply relying on anti-spam rules.?

Setting up and using the MFC-L3550CDW printer over a network

Learn how network printing is easier than ever, and how to set up and use the MFC-L3550CDW printer over Ethernet.?

TLS Termination Delegation in Browsers

A call for a mechanism for a browser to delegate TLS termination to a proxy, without resorting to MITM, making it possible for the browser to properly warn users when it’s active and support this feature in environments where it’s useful.?

Avoid Post-Meeting Meetings

Stop having coffee machine meetings when you have virtual meetings.?

Generating metadata with GPT

Andrew generates site metadata using GPT, including titles and descriptions.?

Is an LLM inherently deterministic?

Exploring the determinism of large language models like GPT, and the possibility of designing them to be deterministic.?